The historical background

The historical background of Satun province
           Satun is originally one village of Saiburee town during the 3rd king of Rattana Kosin era. Then Satun concured all Andaman islands. In 2392 Buddhist era, during the 3rd king Satun was established as the town under the government of Nakhonsrithammarat. Then during the reign of  the 5th king, Satun has a new government and became the state in the year of 2400 Buddhist era.

          In this year Satun was gathered to be under Saiburee state ,but they have to submit the Saiburee state to England in 2452. So there was only Satun and Satun have to be under  Phuket state.
After the construction of the way from Khuanniang to Satun quite convenience, the Phuket government transferred Satun to be under Nakhonsrithammarat again. When Thai government cancelled the state in 2475, Satun was established as one province in Thailand until now.

          The Provincial Administrative Organization is one local government that always be improve and has a step of evolution. In this case the Provincial Assembly was first established in 2476. The status of the Provincial Assembly at that time be as the representative of the organization. Their role is to give an advice and instruction to the Province Committees. After that there was stamped the Act of Province Assembly in 2481 to differeciate the specific law of Province Assembly until the Act was proclaimed according to the system of Thai government Administrative in 2475.

          In this year Thai government was asigned the governor as the commander in the province directly to the ministry, bureau and all departments instead of Province Committees. In this case the Province Assembly as the advisor of the governor. In 2498 trere was stamped the Act of system Thai government administrative which assigned the province administration as the district government official unit and the juristic person. In 2540 the regulation of Thai government administrative was changed by stamping the Act of provincial administrative. From this matter it made all the structures of provincial administrative was changed as it be nowadays.

Province Logo : The image of Bhrasamut Dewa is on the rock throne at the
middle of the sea with behind of the sunset.
Province Abbreviation : ST     ( สต)
Province’s flower : Kalong flower
Province’s tree : Black-Wood
Province slogan : Satun is peaceful, clean and pure natural.

Satun Provincial Administrative Organization
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