Vision / Mission

The Vision
  As a habitation town travelling, increase of agricultural value and socio-development towards universal.

The Mission
  1) To promote and develop the travelling in Satun by stressing on habitation base to increase income to all people.
  2) To develop the personnel development in all levels and to promote the standard and safety management with the convenience travelling to the tourist.
  3) To develop the basic standard structure of travelling place to be impressed of the tourists.
  4) To develop the agricultural safety, base on economic sufficient and to promote the increasing of farming occupation efficiency.
  5) To develop the farming strenghten by stressing on the community intellectual and using a suitable technology to develop the new farming knowledge management.
  6) To develop and link the street network to be sufficienced with the quantity of traffic. At the same time with the convenience of travelling connection to the travelling place, agriculture to be in accord with the way of provincial development. Then using of all towns planned to upgrade the quality of people’s life.
  7) To develop the education both in systematic curriculum and unsystematic curriculum and also the natural education as the universal standard.
  8) To preserve the cultural way of life with the cooperation of people as the treasure and recover the conservative of people in Satun.
  9) To promote support, protect and recover of people’s good health and happy life.
  10) To promote and support the coopration of the environmental and the natural resources management. In addition, to preserve good environment of the town and the country balancely.
  11) To promote the cooperation and the consideration of community in order to develop the community with the systematic of the community planning in all activities.
  12) To develop the completion of community’s personnel that they can play their role by increasing and changing towords the universal.

The Development Strategies
  1) The strategy of habitation travelling with the impression.
  2) The strategy of long lasting farming.
  3) The strategy of modern basic structural development.
  4) The strategy of helping and conserving the long lasting of natural resources and environment.
  5) The strategy of sport development for recreation and excellency.
  6) The strategy of the developmental of art conservative cultural, norms, custom and the community intellectual.
  7) The strategy of socio-development and personal resources.
  8) The strategy of the commercial investment  and economic of Satun province.
  9) The strategy of peaceful and harmonious town.
  10) The strategy of the best in administrative.
  11) The strategy of educational development by using the school as the base of community development.

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